Perform, Play, Win: Why Schréder is the Extra Player on Your Team

Cedric Collard - Schréder Sports Segment Manager
Cédric Collard
Business Segment Manager - Industry & Large area

Here at Schréder, we’ve been bringing LightabilityTM to the world for over a century. That includes lighting sports stadiums of every size, shape and type. From the Brazilian flair of the 2014 World Cup, where we lit stadia including the legendary Maracaña, to sub-zero temperatures in Harbin ice rink, which hosted games for 2010 Winter Olympics, we bring our expertise to the hottest and coldest of sports. 

We’ve lit indoors spaces, like the Belgrade Arena, where the European Basketball Championship was played, and outdoor ones such as Romanian soccer champions CFR 1907 Cluj’s arena. Most importantly, we’ve lit practice pitches, grassroots clubs and community centres across five continents, reflecting our passion for great lighting at every level and budget.

We’ve combined the expertise we’ve built up over the decades with the very latest in LED technology to create a range of new stadium lighting products. With systems that put the power to control lighting in players’ hands, a strong team of existing products and on-going support throughout the design, installation and maintenance processes, we’re about to change the game for sports lighting.

Time for a New Sports Lighting Strategy 

For a lot of sports, knowing when to make a substitution, change tactic or take a break is crucial. For a lot of smaller, grassroots sports organisations, it’s the ideal time to make the switch to LED lighting. Larger venues have been switching over in the last few years - at Schréder, we have worked with partners such as Hidegkúti Nándor Stadium in Budapest, the first arena in Eastern Europe to be fully lit by LEDs. But the switch to LED wasn’t as urgent for smaller clubs with tighter budgets to consider.

Schréder lit Hidegkúti Nándor Stadium in Budapest, the first arena in Eastern Europe to be fully lit by LEDs

That’s all changing: a range of factors mean LED is now a smart change for smaller clubs. Switching saves energy and money, as well as environmental benefits. Government funding is available to support changing in many countries. A new generation of lighter, more aerodynamic products means LEDs can be fitted on existing poles, making now the perfect moment to invest in some performance-enhancing lighting. Schréder can help every club perform, play and win.

Perform, Play, Win with Schréder's sports lighting solutions

Perform, from A to Z

Any team knows that match day is just a small part of the story. The training beforehand, the lessons learnt after, the team spirit that comes with playing together. That’s reflected in the way Schréder approaches sports lighting. Our full package solution starts with an audit, then brings in our expertise on compliance with standards (for both local regulations and sports body rules) and essential parameters like the safety and comfort of users, light pollution and minimising neighbourhood disturbance.

Then, we work closely with clubs to come up with a tailored solution for LED floodlights, accessories, and control systems. We have a full offer that covers outdoor and indoor playing areas, as well as car parks, changing facilities, fields, pavilions, spectator stands, and any other areas inside or outside of the buildings: a holistic approach is central to everything we do. 

Next, we get the new system installed efficiently, in a way that minimises disruption to activities, check everything on the ground to make sure the light levels are correct across the playing area, and stick around to ensure that as you needs change, your lighting changes too. Proper preparation means the big switch on will illuminate your game and enhance your performance.

Play: Your Way

Schréder’s team give you peace of mind with solutions that are easy and fast to install. Plug and play, as well as control via a smartphone app means that you can get started straight away. Unlike legacy lighting systems, LEDs reach full power instantly: no need to arrive 20 minutes early so they can warm up. Our floodlights are compatible with existing masts and poles, so there’s no need to replace those, which lowers installation costs. Wireless controllers and aerodynamic lighting units means strain on poles is minimised.

 With Schréder ITERRA the light can be reprogrammed for everything from junior training to an end-of-season barbecue, saving energy

All our sports lighting solutions are extremely easy to manage and maintain with the Schréder ITERRA control system. Winning a match can be hard: lighting shouldn’t be, so the Schréder ITERRA is easy to set-up, easy to use and easy to upgrade. Schréder ITERRA is open, compatible and remote, and can be endlessly reprogrammed for everything from junior training to an end-of-season barbecue. It also provides maintenance alerts and helps to identify potential lighting issues, again keeping costs down for smaller clubs. 

We know that multi-use facilities have a diverse range of teams using the lighting, so a range of settings, modes and options are available - and we can ensure everyone who needs them knows how to use them.

Win All Round

Winning isn’t everything, but lighting should be an easy victory. Schréder’s solutions respect your budget without compromising on the quality of lighting: we’ve created a modular system which brings our expertise from lighting World Cup and Olympic venues to grassroots clubs everywhere. We optimise the photometry of our floodlights and make a lighting study to reduce the number of fittings in the same way, whether you’re playing in a Premier League or a municipal tennis club where fun is the name of the game.

An upgrade to LED means you can lower your expenses all round: maintenance costs are reduced thanks to the robustness of our solutions (LEDs last longer than traditional HID fittings), installation costs are reduced, and energy savings over the lifetime of the lighting are considerable. It also extends the hours clubs can practice, play and host events, meaning members can get the most of facilities all year round.

That means more money to spend on the club - whatever your sport. While we’ve got extensive experience in football, rugby and basketball, we have lit venues for swimming, hockey, padel, bowls, tennis, baseball, cricket, shooting ranges, boccia and roller-skating. our passion is supporting your sporting endeavours, no matter what discipline. Contact Schréder today to see how we can help your team perform, play and win.


About the writer
Cédric joined Schréder in 2013 with a solid experience in marketing. With his expertise and industry knowledge, Cédric leads the Industry and Large Area Business segments including Sport Lighting and Breeam certification. He collaborates with our research, product development, sales teams worldwide and sport associations to deliver sustainable and energy efficient lighting solutions, tailored to each individual project using the latest in lighting calculation software, lighting management systems and BIM techniques.

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