Efficiency, flexibility, and first-class photometry for sports LED floodlighting


ECOBLAST is a range of high-performing floodlights designed to provide the right light where, when and how it is needed in indoor and outdoor sports venues such as football or baseball fields, rugby pitches, tennis courts, hockey arenas and swimming pools.
This LED floodlight is a straightforward solution for retrofit projects as it is fully compatible with existing infrastructures for mounting sports lighting fixtures.
ECOBLAST provides the ideal means to comply with sports federations and international regulations while offering the utmost flexibility for remote-controlled lighting scenarios.

  • 3 to 6 modules
  • The ECOBLAST sports floodlight is a modular solution with up to 6 modules, including tilt settings on the whole ensemble and per row of modules.

  • Ideal retrofit solution
  • ECOBLAST is compatible with existing infrastructures (mounting and cabling) in retrofit projects for easy and fast installation. The modular approach optimises the weight and lowers the aerodynamic resistance to minimise the mechanical stress on the supporting structure.

  • Integrated or remote gears
  • ECOBLAST offers maximum flexibility with a gear box that can be mounted on the
    bracket or remotely at a distance of up to 200m.

  • Better light, less energy
  • With the latest LED and control technologies, ECOBLAST enables significant energy savings while improving the lighting experience considerably.

The right light for players, spectators and the neighbourhood!

Using collimators made of high-transmission PMMA, the BlastFlex™4 photometric engine offers the highest efficiency for directional beams dedicated to specific applications in architectural and sports lighting. The ability to control the light with the highest accuracy reduces light spill in the surroundings, improves uniformity on the area to be lit, and contributes to optimal energy consumption.

Comply with the regulations, focus on the benefits

With its wide range of cutting-edge lighting distribution and lumen packages (3 to 6 modules), ECOBLAST meets the specifications of any area - even in the most complex projects - with minimised glare and light spill. The ability of ECOBLAST to provide high levels of horizontal and vertical illuminance guarantees compliance with sports federations and international regulations. Check our sports lighting application guide to discover your benefits.


Recommanded installation height (m)
8.0 - 
Klasa ochronności elektrycznej
Zabezpieczenie przeciwprzepięciowe (kV)
Opcje sterowania
Opcje sterowania
Systemy sterowania
Luminaire output flux (lm)
56900 - 
Power consumption (W)
680.0 - 
Skuteczność świetlna (lm/W)
Wskaźnik oddawania barw (CRI)
Tempered glass
Szczelność oprawy
Odporność na uderzenia
IP 66 / IK 08 gear box in die-cast aluminium with a powder coating (RAL 7016 anthracite grey).
Wszystkie konfiguracje
Zakres temperatury pracy (Ta)
-40°C up to +50°C / -40° F up to 122°F

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
ECOBLAST 3 - 696x583x360 | 27.4x23.0x14.2
ECOBLAST 4 - 696x765x346 | 27.4x30.1x13.6
ECOBLAST 5 - 696x765x346 | 27.4x30.1x13.6
ECOBLAST 6 - 696x765x346 | 27.4x30.1x13.6
Waga (kg | lbs)
ECOBLAST 3 - 17.1 | 37.6
ECOBLAST 4 - 25.2 | 55.4
ECOBLAST 5 - 29.0 | 63.8
ECOBLAST 6 - 32.3 | 71.1
Opcje montażu
Bracket enabling adjustable inclination
Surface mounting

Control systems

Control options for ECOBLAST

The ECOBLAST LED sports floodlight offers control/dimming options:
• DALI-2
DALI-2 is the latest version of the DALI protocol working with the Schréder ITERRA App. It supports control devices such as application controllers and input devices (e.g. sensors) and guarantees interoperability between products from different vendors. DMX-RDM is the standard protocol in the entertainment industry. It eases commissioning, status monitoring and control of the floodlight.

Control link

Installation and Maintenance

Easy installation for new or retrofit projects

With its universal mounting plate, the bracket ensures full compatibility with new or existing structures (retrofit projects). The ECOBLAST LED floodlight enables fine-tuning of the aiming on site. Each row of modules can be tilted up to 80° (-10° to +70°) with graduation in 5° steps for precise on-site adjustment.