Versatile lighting solution for street, urban, large area, industrial and sport applications


The aesthetic design of OMNIFLOOD, in combination with a wide range of sizes, optical and mounting options, make it very versatile and thus the perfect choice for lighting recreational sports areas, industrial areas, campuses, business parks, car parks, building facades and billboards.

  • One design for aesthetic consistency in multi-purpose applications
  • OMNIFLOOD is available in two sizes, but with one consistent design. This energy efficient luminaire is the ideal tool to replace of floodlights equipped with traditional discharge lamps of 50 to 400W.

  • Suitable for lighting various applications
  • Thanks to its photometric versatility, this lighting solution is perfect for various lighting applications: sport (indoor and outdoor recreational venues), architectural (lighting for facades and monuments), ambiance (squares, parks, pedestrian areas...), or roads (car parks, shopping centres, underpasses, industrial areas etc.).

  • Energy efficiency and photometric performance
  • The OMNIFLOOD luminaire range combines the energy efficiency of LED technology with the precise light control of the LensoFlex®2 and BlastFlex™ photometric engines, developed by Schréder.
    These floodlights are composed of a two-piece housing made of painted die-cast aluminium. The protector in glass is sealed onto the front cover.

  • Futureproof
  • The OMNIFLOOD lighting solution supports your circular economy initiatives. Its' LED engine can be easily replaced to take advantage of future technological developments.


Recommanded installation height (m)
4.0 - 
Klasa ochronności elektrycznej
Napięcie znamionowe
Zabezpieczenie przeciwprzepięciowe (kV)
Opcje sterowania
Opcje sterowania
Luminaire output flux (lm)
1800 - 
Power consumption (W)
18.5 - 
Skuteczność świetlna (lm/W)
Temperatura barwowa
Wskaźnik oddawania barw (CRI)
Wskaźnik udziału światła wysyłanego ku górze (ULOR)
Tempered glass
Szczelność oprawy
Odporność na uderzenia
Wszystkie konfiguracje
Zakres temperatury pracy (Ta)
-30°C up to +55°C / -22° F up to 131°F
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
OMNIFLOOD 1 : 574x72x334 | 22.6x2.8x13.1
OMNIFLOOD 3 : 622x88x506 | 24.5x3.5x19.9
Waga (kg | lbs)
OMNIFLOOD 1 : 9.0 | 19.8
OMNIFLOOD 3 : 18.4 | 40.5
Opcje montażu
Post-top slip-over – Ø60mm
Bracket enabling adjustable inclination
Post-top slip-over – Ø76mm
Surface mounting

Control systems

Control options for OMNIFLOOD

OMNIFLOOD offers the following dimming/ control options:
• 1-10V
• Custom dimming profile

OMNIFLOOD allows the control of the luminous flux thanks to the Custom Dimming Profile features.
This feature has been designed for intelligent luminaires, which can be programmed in the factory with complex dimming profiles, to maximise energy savings.

Control link

Installation and Maintenance

Mounting options

OMNIFLOOD can be installed using a single U-shaped bracket on a post-top fixation. For more mounting flexibility, the inclination can be adjusted precisely on-site. A surface mounting is also possible.