While stations will always need to be places of safety and security, there is no reason why they can’t delight and entertain. Light has a positive impact on this passenger experience.

Considered places of wonder in the past, railway stations are once more being remodeled into spectacular transport hubs.
Take St. Pancras in London. Reconverted into an international hub for the high-speed Eurostar in 2006, it integrates a commuter station, a metro station, a food marketplace, shops and art gallery. 
Every day, more than one third of the people in St Pancras don’t take a train.

The Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, who manages the Brussels metro network, is renovating each station to create an unique identity and increase revenue by offering additional services like bike repair shops and temporary art exhibitions. 

From the moment people enter and leave stations, they will pass through many different environments where the role of lighting will change. 
We can design and supply lighting solutions that contribute to turning stations into multi-functional destinations in their own right by:

  • Providing the correct lighting levels to meet safety standards set by transport authorities for the stairs, platforms, access halls and walls
  • Ensuring bright, comfortable environments for the smooth, easy flow of people
  • Delivering glare-free sites with excellent colour accuracy for camera surveillance 
  • Integrating additional functions such as loudspeakers and cameras in our vandal-resistant products for aesthetic installations 
  • Illuminating entrances to make people feel welcome 
  • Highlighting works of art or temporary structures to create places of inspiration and engagement with dynamic colour changing effects. 

Discover our product range and a few of our recent installations below.