Design and safety in a range of decorative lighting bollards


The BORA range of bollards, available in 4 sizes and fitted with LEDs integrated in a perforated structure, constitutes a highly original mode of expression. By day, the design and pure form of the bollards make a distinctive statement. Once night has fallen, they combine aesthetics and functionality.

The tallest model (3 meters) facilitates facial recognition, thereby creating a sense of safety.

High visual comfort

Visual comfort is created through a smart mix of white and amber, blue, green or red LEDs distributed up and down the column.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical light distributions

This high-quality decorative lighting solution is available with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distributions.

Weather and vandal proof

To last in places where vandalism can occur, BORA offers a high mechanical resistance (IK 08). The BORA has been designed to prevent dust and water ingress (IP 66).

4 sizes

The BORA bollard is available in 4 sizes (Micro, Mini, Midi and Maxi) for ground mounting.


Informacje Elektryczne

Klasa ochronności elektrycznej
Napięcie znamionowe
Zabezpieczenie przeciwprzepięciowe (kV)


Strumień świetlny (lm)
300 - 
Moc (W)
8.0 - 

Obudowa I Wykończenie

Szczelność oprawy
Odporność na uderzenia

Wymiary I Montaż

AxBxC (mm | inch)
BORA Micro - 160x250 | 6.5x9.8
BORA Mini - 115x600 | 4.5x23.6
BORA Midi - 115x1100 | 4.5x43.3
BORA Maxi - 115x3000 | 4.5x118.1
Waga (kg | lbs)
BORA Micro - 2.5 | 7.5
BORA Mini - 5.4 | 11.9
BORA Midi - 9.1 | 20
BORA Maxi - 25 | 55
Opcje montażu
On-ground mounting

Instalacja i montaż

On a mounting plate

BORA offers standard ground mounting with 4 bolts on a square plate. It is provided with a factory-fitted supply cable. An installation kit for recessed mounting is available as an option.

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