Biscayan Football Federation grounds

Sports lighting improves playing and fan experience while generating 65% energy savings

The Biscayan Football Federation in Spain oversees the football championship in the Basque region. 

The federation wanted to upgrade the lighting for two of its clubs - Munguía and Retuerto - to help them realise their ambitions and offer a great matchday experience for fans. They wanted a futureproof solution that would 

  • meet the required lighting standards;
  • provide a better quality of light;
  • improve operational effectiveness and 
  • generate significant gains in terms of added-value and reduced costs.

LED sports lighting for maximum performance

The OMNISTAR LED floodlight was ideal. It easily meets all the requirements to respect the EN 12193 standard, providing excellent visibility, uniformity, colour rendering and zero glare.
It ensures high visual comfort for maximum performance from the players and enables broadcasters to show sharp and vivid images for viewers at home. 

Savings all the way 

The OMNISTAR achieves all of the above while saving 27,661kWh per year which represents a significant 65% reduction in energy costs
It will also cut CO2 emissions to 10.8 tons per year to enable the federation to lower its carbon footprint. 
In addition, thanks to the robust materials and long life of the LEDs, the OMNISTAR requires virtually no maintenance over its long life, generating even more savings. 

A winning solution 

The federation is happy with the new lighting which not only respects the standards but empowers the players to give their best to delight fans year after year, all while reducing operations, costs and the environmental footprint.

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Biscayan Football Federation


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