Lisbon Central Axis

New lighting scheme contributes to creating more enjoyable, more sociable, safer and healthier public spaces in the heart of the Portuguese capital city

Lisbon is currently one of the most popular capital cities, receiving many visitors and praise from all over the world. Attracted by its hospitality, cuisine and good weather, nearly 4 million tourists visited the Portuguese capital in 2016.  

The local authorities have developed various urban initiatives to improve public spaces for these tourists as well as the 500,000 residents in the city. One such initiative is to encourage sustainable mobility by creating large pedestrian areas and bike lanes for a more attractive and safer landscape.
One of the biggest projects, called “Lisbon Central Axis”, comprises Av. da República, Saldanha Square and the Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo.
The pavements have been made larger to create more terraces and lowered for people with reduced mobility. More than 750 trees have been planted. With this project, the city wants to give the public space back to the people.  

Lighting is, of course, critical for bringing these spaces to life at night. The local authorities thus decided to renovate the lighting on these streets with a more sustainable solution. They chose the Scala LED and Shuffle.  

The Scala LED lights approximately 3km of the main avenues. It was ideal as it can be installed in various configurations (single, double and wall brackets) to suit the different needs of this area.
It also provides a coherent aesthetic feel to the city landscape as many of the surrounding arteries (Marquês de Pombal Roudabout, Restauradores and Rossio Squares) are lit by this highly efficient luminaire. It diffuses a bright white light to create a vibrant and welcoming landscape.  

The Shuffle was installed in the pedestrian areas. It is fitted with a 360° module to light the area and with spot modules to highlight the trees and other points of interest.   

In total, 395 Scala LED luminaires and 135 Shuffle columns have been installed.
They are all controlled by the Schréder EXEDRA remote management system that ensures the comfort and safety for all when the areas are being used and enables the city to manage the lighting network in a more efficient manner.  

The new lighting has contributed to creating public spaces that are more enjoyable, more sociable, safer, healthier and easier to get around while delivering high operational benefits to the local authorities. 

Av. da República