KEMA bracket

A modern piece of street furniture to enhance the city


The design of the KEMA bracket gives your urban landscape a modern and strong look, even from a distance. Its' unique horizontal shape - with a v-shaped opening - perfectly fits a wide range of luminaires, including the IZYLUM for which it was specifically created and most other Schréder luminaires designed for side-entry mounting.

It is made of die-cast aluminum and is available in all standard Schréder colours.

  • Easy installation
  • The post-top versions of the KEMA bracket include a pull wire to facilitate the passage of the power cable and ease installation.

  • CE marking
  • Certified for the loads defined in EN40, the KEMA range can be installed on poles for CE marking.

  • Versatile
  • The KEMA bracket range includes single, double, lateral and wall-mounted variants to cater for various urban lighting needs.

  • Seaside coating
  • To withstand salt spray corrosion, the KEMA bracket is available with an optional seaside coating.