Pforzheim power station

Dynamic architectural lighting embraces plant’s industrial heritage with modern-day technology

The Pforzheim power station in the German state of Baden-Württemberg has been supplying the city with heat and electricity since it was commissioned in 1990. Originally a coal-fired plant, it now uses renewable fuels to help the city meet its climate change targets and improve air quality in the city. SWP Stadtwerke Pforzheim which operates the plant is committed to playing a leading role in the transition to a climate-neutral energy supply.

Sustainable architectural lighting for an industrial past and creative future 

A distinguished landmark in the cityscape with its 100m high chimney, the local authorities decided to illuminate the station with an energy-saving lighting solution to highlight its industrial heritage and to mark its importance for the future.

They wanted to create a “lighthouse” in the city to reflect the progressive future of the power station with a sustainable lighting solution. The low-energy VALINTA SCOPE floodlight was chosen to illuminate the chimney tower and building facades.

Architectural lighting only where it is needed

The highly efficient and flexible VALINTA SCOPE floodlight directs the light exactly where it is needed to create maximum visual impact with minimal environmental footprint. The optics provide a narrow beam of light to add a sense of form and depth to the key architectural elements while minimising light spill into the night sky.

Dynamic lighting for an eye-catching nocturnal feature

A total of 64 VALINTA SCOPE Maxi floodlights are installed. Each floodlight is equipped with 52 RGBCW LEDs that can be controlled individually via the DMX protocol, enabling a variety of lighting scenarios to be programmed to create animated light shows and coordinated colour schemes for special occasions.

With a low power consumption of 74W, the VALINTA SCOPE ensures an eye-catching illumination with a low environmental impact.

An unusual yet straight-forward installation

The VALINTA SCOPE comes with a unique mounting system for a quick and easy installation. This proved to be a real advantage as due to the extremely high mounting height, they were installed by experienced mountaineers from Dresden, who regularly climb high peaks.

The floodlights can be swivelled on the mounting bracket to provide horizontal or vertical illumination of the chimney and building facades.

An engaging lighthouse

The new architectural lighting scheme was inaugurated in September 2023 to the delight of the local authorities and the community. They are all delighted to see this prominent landmark given a more attractive night-time look on the cityscape with a sustainable solution.

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