Quito LED lighting upgrade

Over 46,000 connected-ready IZYLUM luminaires have improved safety with a 22% reduction in energy costs

The city of Quito recently completed an ambitious project to replace more than 46,100 luminaires fitted with traditional sodium light sources with new energy-saving LED street lights. Empresa Eléctrica Quito (EEQ) who produces and supplies power for Ecuador's capital city was entrusted with managing the lighting upgrade. 

The city wanted a public lighting network that would: 

  • improve safety with a better quality of light;
  • use less electricity to reduce energy consumption;
  • reduce maintenance costs;
  • be connected-ready for future smart lighting and city projects. 

IZYLUM, a street light that meets all road lighting needs  

After a lengthy evaluation process to ensure the highest standards and quality, a tender was issued. The EEQ selected the IZYLUM range of street lighting luminaires as they met all the criteria. Available in 5 sizes to ensure the same aesthetic coherence and performance for roads of different widths, this LED lighting luminaire provides quality light with minimal energy consumption.

The IZYLUM 2, 3 and 4 were installed to meet the lighting levels defined in the local lighting standards for large avenues (M1 + M2) and roads (M3 and M4). They provide a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) that has significantly improved visibility, allowing motorists to drive safely and comfortably on public roads at night.

Less energy, less CO2, more efficiency

Thanks to the low energy consumption of the IZYLUM LED street light, EEQ expects to save 50GWh of energy per year, representing a 22% reduction in the city's electricity bill, while providing a safe and accessible network for all road users. 

Less energy also means less carbon emissions which will help the city achieve its goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 20% by 2032.

An efficient installation to minimise disruptions

The IZYLUM is designed to be quickly and easily installed for both post-top and side-entry mounting, saving time and money. It features tool-free access and easy cabling which helped to speed up the installation process and cause less disruption for drivers, a considerable advantage given the number of street lights that had to be replaced. 

Av 10 de Agosta

Less maintenance too

Thanks to the long life of the LEDs and the robust design of the IZYLUM, the maintenance team at EEQ will make fewer interventions, saving resources, time and money. By installing the same lighting platform, EEQ will also simplify any potential maintenance operations.

A futureproof public lighting network

All of the IZYLUM street lights are connected-ready. This will enable the city to easily implement a smart lighting control system in the near future for further energy and cost savings without having to make any infrastructure changes.

As IZYLUM is an open and interoperable street light, it can easily integrate other platforms and open up opportunities for smart city initiatives.