Tires light replacement programme

Zela creates safe and welcoming outdoor spaces while reducing energy and operating costs

Tires is a Portuguese town in the municipality of Cascais.
In 2016, the local authorities decided to replace the old fashioned and highly inefficient luminaires that were lighting the parks and pedestrian areas throughout the town.

They chose the Zela LED luminaire to replace them.
They were impressed by the energy efficiency, design and photometric performance of the Zela.
Indeed, they are able to replace the old fixtures equipped with 100 and 150W discharge lamps by Zela luminaires with a consumption of 55W.

In addition to this reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions, the Zela luminaire provides an indirect lighting for an outstanding quality of light with optimal visual comfort contributing to the creation of safer and more attractive outdoor spaces at night.

To date, a total of 100 Zela luminaires have been installed.

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