Guadalajara pedestrian crossings

New energy-efficient pedestrian crossing lighting improves safety across the city

Located 60km from Madrid, the city of Guadalajara is a popular tourist destination thanks to its cultural, leisure and entertainment facilities. With a population of more than 90,000 residents that increases significantly during the tourist season, it’s a city that has a lot of people out walking at night, especially in the hot months.

Pedestrian safety is consequently a priority for the local authorities as they seek to create a more accessible and sustainable city, with improved pedestrian and cycle connectivity. When the city noticed that the lighting on some pedestrian crossings had deteriorated and needed to be replaced, it drew up an action plan. 

The goal was to make the pedestrian crossings in highly populated areas, particularly where schools are located or where traffic density is heavy, more visible by upgrading the lighting and consequently improve safety. This included the green lung of Guadalajara, a path frequently used by residents and tourists for walking, cycling, roller blading and other sports.

The local authorities were looking for a pedestrian crossing lighting solution that would achieve their objectives with maximum efficiency and a low total cost of ownership.

Sustainable public lighting

The KIO LED was chosen to light this path to ensure a safe and pleasant passage. The luminaires are equipped with motion detection sensors so that the light is dimmed late at night when no-one is present. When movement is detected the light intensity increases to 100% to ensure safety and comfort.

By combining the energy-efficient KIO LED luminaire with the sensors, the city will reduce maintenance and power costs as well as its carbon footprint.

Improved safety at critical pedestrian crossings

For the busiest pedestrian crossings in the city, the lighting was upgraded with 30 NEOS LED luminaires. They provide an asymmetric light distribution which delivers a high level of vertical illuminance on the pedestrians to ensure that they are visible to approaching motorists as well as the necessary horizontal levels for uniformity on the road.
The luminaires deliver a bright white light with a higher colour rendition so drivers can easily distinguish colours to see people clearly.

The new pedestrian crossing lighting has improved the quality of the night-time pedestrian environment while enabling the city to maximise operational efficiencies and energy savings. Drivers can easily perceive pedestrians crossing the roads from a safe stopping distance to ensure a reduction in the frequency and severity of accidents. Pedestrians can negotiate the city, especially the pedestrian crossings comfortably, efficiently and safely. 



Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara

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