Carrefour distribution centre

Complete lighting solution guarantees a safe and comfortable working environment for employees while minimising the company’s carbon footprint

Gicram Groupe, a civil engineering company specialised in warehouses and industrial buildings, was commisioned to build a new distribution centre for Carrefour, the French multi-national retailer in the city of Cestas. The new site, spread over 62,380m², will store groceries for the Carrefour supermarkets in the region.

As product quality is dependent on storage conditions, the project managers wanted a high-performing LED lighting solution that would ensure an optimal environment in the warehouse with low energy consumption and minimal maintenance costs.

They chose the INDU BAY GEN2.
This state-of-the-art luminaire for lighting large areas delivers performance over time in harsh conditions. It has been specifically designed to optimise heat dissipation as well as accelerate water evacuation and minimise dust accumulation.

In total, 183 INDU BAY GEN2 luminaires were installed inside the 16,500m² warehouse. They provide excellent uniformity and visual comfort for a safe and pleasant working environment.

To ensure excellent visibility at the loading docks, they opted for the OMNIflood.
Installed at a height of 10m, these energy-efficient floodlights direct the light to the ground, ensuring drivers have a good depth perception when backing into and leaving the dock with minimal light pollution.

The Axia 2 was chosen to light the car park. A total of 47 luminaires were installed to guarantee a safe passage for all employees and visitors arriving and leaving the facilities.

The project managers are delighted with the lighting solution, which provides a secure space in line with the company’s objective to reduce its carbon footprint.




Our customers want sustainable lighting solutions that enable them to reduce energy consumption while achieving high quality productivity gains. Schréder is the right partner to deliver solutions within the required timeframe thanks to their end-to-end approach and product innovation.

Pierre Bravard
Technical Director – Gicram