Schréder Socelec factory

INDU BAY delivers a better quality of light to assure worker safety and performance with lower operating costs

Schréder Socelec is the Spanish subsidiary of the Schréder Group, producing more than 700,000 luminaires per year.
Built in 2002, the factory still had the original lighting solution with the PZ luminaire fitted with metal halide lamps (400W and 270W).

In 2017, the company decided to replace the lighting to take advantage of the outstanding efficacy of the INDU BAY luminaire.
This was also the ideal opportunity to showcase this performing luminaire to the many customers that visit the factory each year.

The company carried out a complete audit of the factory and conducted a pilot test in the storage area.
The results clearly showed that the INDU BAY would enable the company to deliver a better quality of light while cutting energy and maintenance costs.

As activities in the factory had evolved over the years, with more space dedicated to assembly lines and painting, the audit also enabled the company to revise the position of the luminaires to ensure the right light in every area at all times.

A total of 196 INDU BAY GEN2 were installed to replace the 183 PZ fixtures.

52 INDU BAY GEN2 with a wide distribution were installed for the assembly and painting lines as well as the packaging and shipping area while 144 INDU BAY GEN2 with a circular light distribution light the corridors and storage areas.

They have significantly improved visibility by delivering an average of 500 lux for the production areas and 400 lux for the transit areas.

They have also reduced the total power consumption from 68kW to 42kW, generating energy savings of 35%.



Staff feedback has been great! It’s good to see that this investment has improved working conditions, while saving us money and contributing towards our efforts to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Francisco Pardeiro
Francisco Pardeiro
General Manager – Schréder Socelec