A universal, comprehensive and economical street luminaire


We know that you are striving for safe roads and places that people will enjoy. You want to provide safety and well-being, but must find a balance between your budget, people and the planet.
With customer feedback playing a critical part in our innovative design process, we developed AXIA 3.
More than a luminaire, it is a platform delivering sustainability, cost-effectiveness and customer experience, all while supporting smart city frameworks.

  • Take advantage of a complete range
  • AXIA 3 is the most comprehensive and best value LED solution for roads, streets or pedestrian areas. AXIA 3 is available in three sizes. AXIA 3.1, with up to 16 LEDs, is perfectly suited for low-height applications, whereas AXIA 3.2 and 3.3, with up to 32 or 64 LEDs, are ideal for lighting urban and large roads, avenues and large carriageways.

  • Choose photometric innovation
  • First and foremost, AXIA 3 provides highly efficient lighting to ensure comfort and safety, thanks to the optimised ProFlex™ photometric engines. The lenses are integrated directly into a polycarbonate protector.
    This concept, developed by Schréder, increases performance by reducing the number of reflections inside the optical unit. This modern LED street light provides extensive light distributions that can be adapted to local needs to reduce power consumption for existing installations.

  • Minimise your ecological footprint
  • The AXIA 3 design has been optimised to drastically reduce your environmental impact. Its production and assembly were critically reviewed to give preference to operations with the lowest possible carbon footprint.
    AXIA 3 has been engineered to minimise the use of raw materials for maximum robustness. The lighter the luminaire, the more environmental savings on all levels: production, packaging, transport, installation.

  • Prepare for a connected future
  • As a connected-ready smart luminaire, AXIA 3 is FutureProof and can easily integrate sensors and control systems, both today or in the future.
    The various control options enables you to create environments that work both by day and by night, to minimise light pollution and maximise energy savings, to monitor your lighting scheme and to capture data.

Towards circular economy

The majority of the energy consumed by a luminaire throughout its lifecycle is during use, not manufacturing. Hence, energy performance and control options are critical to maximise energy savings throughout the product lifespan.
AXIA 3 is designed to minimise waste while maintaining performance, both during its use and afterwards. We want you to use our products for as long as possible. Our AXIA 3 is connected-ready and can be upgraded to adapt to future demands.
Its design is fully recyclable, minimising waste. With Schréder, take an important step towards your circular economy objectives.

Get your starlit sky back

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is the recognised authority on light pollution. It provides tools, ressources, and a certification program for industries and companies willing to reduce light pollution. At Schréder, we are convinced that a more responsible lighting has the potential to preserve the environment. We are fully committed to reducing light pollution by joining the IDA’s certification program. Our approved range of luminaires complies with the IDA’s program of approval to deliver a light that protects the environment in all respects. Get your starlit sky back with the AXIA 3 lighting solutions.


Klasa ochronności elektrycznej
Napięcie znamionowe
Zabezpieczenie przeciwprzepięciowe (kV)
Opcje sterowania
Systemy sterowania
Luminaire output flux (lm)
600 - 
Power consumption (W)
8.0 - 
Skuteczność świetlna (lm/W)
Wskaźnik oddawania barw (CRI)
Wskaźnik udziału światła wysyłanego ku górze (ULOR)
ULR may be different according to the configuration. Please consult us.
Meets IDA Dark Sky requirements when fitted with LEDs of 3000K or less.
ULOR may be different according to the configuration. Please consult us.
Polycarbonate (with integrated lenses)
Szczelność oprawy
Odporność na uderzenia
Wszystkie konfiguracje
Zakres temperatury pracy (Ta)
-30°C up to +45°C / -22°F up to 113°F
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
AXIA 3.1 : 513x130x191 | 20.2x5.1x7.5
AXIA 3.2 : 585x130x191 | 23.0x5.1x7.5
AXIA 3.3 : 550x130x277 | 21.7x5.1x10.9
Waga (kg | lbs)
AXIA 3.1 : 3.6 | 7.9
AXIA 3.2 : 4.8 | 10.6
AXIA 3.3 : 6.0 | 13.2
Opcje montażu
Side-entry slip-over – Ø48mm
Side-entry slip-over – Ø32mm
Side-entry slip-over – Ø60mm
Side-entry slip-over – Ø42mm
Post-top slip-over – Ø76mm
Post-top slip-over – Ø60mm

Control systems

Control options for AXIA 3

The following dimming options are available for the AXIA 3 street luminaires:
· Custom dimming profile
· Bi-power
· 1 - 10V
· Photocell
· Remote management

Control link

Installation and Maintenance

Easy and fast installation

The complete range is available with a universal fixation adapted for side-entry (Ø32, Ø42, Ø48 or Ø60mm) and post-top (Ø60 or Ø 76mm) mounting.
The inclination angle can be adjusted on-site in steps of 2.5°: -10° to +10° for side-entry mounting and -5° to +15° for post-top installations.