Saint Blaise Square

New lighting creates high-quality, safe and welcoming environment in Bradford city centre

The City of Bradford in West Yorkshire has a history of industry and textiles production, evident in the listed Victorian architecture that remains today. Iconic buildings include City Hall, the former Wool Exchange and St George’s Hall - the oldest concert hall in Britain.

As part of a 15-year development plan, Bradford City Council is working with the local community and key stakeholders to regenerate the city and boost economic growth. Schréder worked with the City Council on a lighting regeneration scheme to support their multimillion-pound development of the city centre. The focal point of the scheme is Bradford’s Broadway Shopping Centre, which recently opened after a 15-year redevelopment period.

Saint Blaise Square is one of the main pedestrian routes from Forster Square Station to the new Broadway Shopping Centre. This square has a number of historic features that characterise its Yorkshire heritage, such as its 10 railway arches. The city wanted a lighting design to make the area an attractive environment and give commuters and shoppers a warm welcome when walking along this thoroughfare.

The SCULPline - a slim line architectural floodlight - was installed to create a stunning interchangeable colour scheme using red, green, blue and white (RGBW) lighting. The unique SCULP lenses provide excellent colour mixing at close distance.

All of the floodlights are connected to a DMX system which enables each of them to be operated independently or in combination. The colours of all the lighting schemes are programmed remotely and are regularly used to promote events and raise awareness of specific dates throughout the year.

With six floodlights recessed into the block paving at the base of each arch, they create a breath-taking effect.

The lights are timed to come on at dusk and go off after the last train leaves Forster Square.

Four Noctis floodlights have also been recessed in a raised planter to illuminate the trees and walls in front of the arches. Two Neos floodlights illuminate the upgraded pavement on the pedestrian walking route, with 15 Pilzeo luminaires, replacing the 100W Saturn lanterns. To minimise installation costs, the existing 10m columns were cut down to 5m for the new Pilzeo luminaires. The combination now illuminates the walkway in white light for safety.

Such was the success of the project that it won the 2017 Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year Award at the Lux Awards - which recognises the best lighting projects across the country. The judges appreciated its ‘transformational’ quality in turning a neglected part of the city into a safe, clean and attractive environment while giving people a warm and colourful welcoming experience.

Saint Blaise Square
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The combination of the heritage arches and the innovative technology used makes the whole area a pleasant thoroughfare for our commuters and those visiting the city centre to shop and eat.

Alex Ross-Shaw
Bradford Councillor - Executive for Regeneration, Planning and Transport