Stratford redevelopment plan

YOA provides an energy-efficient lighting solution to create safer and more attractive public spaces in this busy centre

As part of a wide-reaching public realm improvement scheme implemented by the London Borough of Newham, a new two-way traffic system was introduced around Stratford centre to improve bus services and provide better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.
With this major change, Stratford has already begun benefitting from a 20 per cent reduction in vehicle use, whilst innovations and upgrades - such as the new cycle paths - improve traffic flow, and ensure cyclists feel safer.

A key aspect of this regeneration is the installation of a new LED lighting scheme.
More than 200 YOA Maxi and Midi lanterns on 130 new lighting columns have been installed by electrical contractor G.M. Briton - standing at 13, 9 and 5 metres respectively.

The YOA Maxi provides a neutral white light (4000K) for Stratford’s main traffic routes; whilst the Yoa Midi is being used to illuminate the new public spaces and street furniture, offering a softer, warm white light (3000K) to create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere at all hours of the day for both residents, commuters and visitors.

Visibility is also ensured at all hours of the night, making it easier to navigate the area, find parking and shop during later hours.

The YOA was chosen for its circular, decorative design and superior energy-efficiency when compared with the previously installed High Intensity Discharge (HID) network. The YOA luminaires are equipped with a second generation LensoFlex®2 photometric engine which offers high-performance photometry, enabling improved light distribution for public safety.

Thanks to this uniform lighting, pedestrians and drivers can both use the new road layout and public areas safely and with confidence.
Shopping figures have increased whilst time wasted in traffic has been reduced.

Overall, the regeneration project has improved the value of the centre and protects its investment - increasing Stratford’s appeal as a cultural quarter and shopping destination.

High Street
United Kingdom


London Borough of Newham


Contractor: JB Riney

The striking design of the YOA luminaire complements the new look of Stratford town centre and provides the local council with a high-performing lighting network worthy of their investment.

Ranjit Reehal
Area Sales Manager - Schréder UK