Avenches sports complex

LED lighting ensures ideal playing conditions while reducing energy costs and light spill

The town of Avenches in Switzerland prides itself on providing high-quality sporting infrastructure for its residents. The town has a large sports complex catering for a multitude of sports, including the home grounds for FC Avenches, an amateur football club which plays in the 3rd division. The lighting on their football pitches was no longer providing the necessary levels so the local council decided to replace it as well as the lighting on the different sports fields. 

FC Avenches wanted an energy-efficient lighting solution with LEDs that would reduce operating and maintenance costs. Additionally, they wanted a modern lighting solution that would complement the contemporary sports centre that they had recently built.

We provided a range of floodlights, specifically adapted to the different needs of the players and spectators for the different sports. 

Main football pitch

All of the clubs matches take place on the main pitch which was no longer providing the necessary lighting levels. The club wanted to invest in a futureproof LED system that would generate energy savings and reduce maintenance costs.  

The OMNISTAR coupled with a dimming system turned out to be the winning solution. This high-performing floodlight ensures clear visibility with high visual comfort for players and spectators. It was the first pitch with LED lighting to be certified by the Swiss football league. 

Thanks to the new lighting, the lighting on the pitch now meets the lighting standards required for official 2nd division matches while reducing energy costs by almost 50%. The long lifespan of the LEDs coupled with the floodlights strong mechanical design means few maintenance interventions will be needed. 
Furthermore, it directs the light onto the pitch, eliminating the light pollution from the previous installation. At 60 metres from the field, hardly any light can be seen.

Junior football pitch 

The OMNIBLAST was chosen to light up the junior football pitch and provide high-quality conditions for the local youth to play their favourite sport all year long.  

Tennis court

The complex is also home to 3 tennis courts which were equipped with 12 OMNIBLAST floodlights installed on 6 masts. They provide excellent visibility while reducing both glare and overspill.  

Ice rinks

The powerful OMNISTAR was also installed to light the ice rinks - 8 floodlights on the outdoor rink and 14 in the indoor one. They deliver excellent uniformity, with no shadows so people can enjoy the facilities in complete safety and comfort. 

Pétanque boulodrome

Whilst traditionally a summer sport, Neos LED floodlights were installed to enable residents to play pétanque throughout all the seasons. The bright white light ensures optimal visibility so players can easily spot the distance between the boules. 

The local council is delighted with the new lighting systems that not only save energy and costs but also enable the residents to take full advantage of the sports facilities throughout the year.

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