Jardim das Nascentes

Sustainable lighting creates a vibrant nocturnal landscape without disturbing flora and fauna

Jardim das Nascentes, a 3.7-hectare garden in Montijo’s nature reserve, recently underwent an urban regeneration as part of the city’s strategy to open up this area to citizens while protecting the natural ecosystems in the area. The newly transformed park would create a strategic gateway between the oldest area of the city and the expanding areas to the east.

New trees and shrubs were planted while pedestrianised paths and recreational zones were created so the public could take full advantage of the stunning landscape. The palatial house, Casa da Quinta was renovated and a new building, Casa da Música Jorge Peixinho was built to provide a venue to support the city’s flourishing music and arts scene.

The city wanted sustainable lighting solution for this area and the buildings to create a welcoming and engaging space so visitors would feel safe and enjoy their visit.

Architectural lighting to enhance character

The city was keen to highlight the architecture of the two distinctly different buildings and distinguish them from their surroundings after dark. 

A subtle static architectural lighting scheme was chosen for the Casa da Quinta, which dates from the beginning of the 20th century. Energy-efficient TERRA Midi and PONTO LED floodlights bathe the facades in a soft white light while the ILUM MARK highlights the main balcony. The lighting gives the building an understated elegance by night.

Dynamic lighting to attract attention

For the contemporary Casa da Música Jorge Peixinho, the city wanted a dynamic lighting scheme to reflect the animated activities taking place in the building and to create a nocturnal icon for the city’s nightscape. 

Low-energy TERRA Midi floodlights fitted with warm white LEDs illuminate the front and rear façades. The two sides of the building are lit by TERRA Midi floodlights fitted with RGB LEDs. The floodlights are managed by a DMX control system to create a dazzling show of colour that creates an eye-catching feature by night. It creates a vibrant atmosphere for visitors attending the different shows and art expositions.

Lighting to highlight the entrances and paths

The elegant SHUFFLE lights the paths between and around the 2 buildings. These refined columns are fitted with 360° light modules that provide uniform lighting on the ground and ensure clear visibility. They deliver a warm white light for a safe and cosy atmosphere as people stroll around the area. 

Two of the SHUFFLE columns at the entrance to the gardens are fitted with blue light rings to mark the access and guide people in the right direction.

Connected lighting for a sustainable landscape

The SHUFFLE columns are fitted with Owlet IV controllers and connected to the Schréder EXEDRA lighting management platform. This gives the city great flexibility to adapt the lighting levels to the events taking place and whenever it wishes so it can save energy. By dimming the light during the night when no events are taking place, the city will also be protecting the flora and fauna in the area.

Thanks to the new sustainable lighting, the city has succeeded in creating an inviting cultural landmark and a nocturnal beacon in the landscape for the local community without disturbing the nocturnal wildlife and sensitive ecology of the neighbouring nature reserve. 

Jardim das Nascentes


Montijo City Council