The versatile solution for standard tunnel lighting


TFLEX BASE is part of the TFLEX tunnel lighting solutions, providing a versatile luminaire designed to meet standard tunnel lighting requirements with optimised performance and low energy consumption.
This innovative luminaire is equipped with improved and flexible tunnel optics developed to comply with the most stringent tunnel configurations as well as unrivaled uniformity and visual comfort.
TFLEX BASE is equipped with the latest photometric and control technologies for an enhanced tunnel driving experience.

  • Designed to light various tunnel zones
  • From the entry to the exit, TFLEX BASE is designed to meet numerous tunnel zone requirements. Its double circuit enables precise dimming and switching to effectively adapt the light to the needs of a specific location in the tunnel. Adjustable brackets and optimised optics are an additional asset, making TFLEX BASE an ideal lighting solution to light various tunnel zones.

  • Adapts to all tunnel configurations
  • TFLEX BASE comes with a variety of mounting options, enabling mounting on walls and ceilings, for every type of support and tunnel geometry.

  • Enhanced lighting experience
  • Taking advantage of the latest photometrical technologies, TFLEX BASE optical units come with a new series of customisable and orientable optics to meet tunnel lighting specifications.

  • Plug and play
  • TFLEX BASE uses pre-assembled cables and connectors to drastically ease and reduce the mounting time. Access for maintenance activities is completely tool-free for maximised time savings.

Latest tunnel technologies

Integrating the latest remote control technologies, TFLEX BASE is compatible with the Advanced Tunnel System 4, designed to adapt the lighting level according to corresponding conditions in and outside of the tunnel. It monitors power consumption and reports potential failures for maintenance, maximised flexibility, safety and a better driving experience.

The right light

TFLEX BASE is equipped with LensoFlex® photometric engines, fitted with high power LEDs. This concept enhance performance while generating cost and energy savings. The optics have been optimised to provide the best uniformity and visual comfort when lighting tunnel envrionments. The flexibility of the optics enables TFLEX BASE to perfectly fit in various tunnel zones and deliver the exact light needed.


Klasa ochronności elektrycznej
Zabezpieczenie przeciwprzepięciowe (kV)
Opcje sterowania
Opcje sterowania
Luminaire output flux (lm)
3200 - 
Power consumption (W)
22.9 - 
Skuteczność świetlna (lm/W)
Temperatura barwowa
Wskaźnik oddawania barw (CRI)
Tempered glass
Szczelność oprawy
Odporność na uderzenia
Wszystkie konfiguracje
Zakres temperatury pracy (Ta)
-20°C up to +50°C / -4°F up to 122°F
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
415x95.85x488 | 16.3x3.8x19.2
Waga (kg | lbs)
12.0 | 23.5-26.4
Opcje montażu
Direct mounting on ceiling
Surface mounting
Hook(s) for suspension

Control systems

TFLEX BASE control options

TFLEX BASE has the following dimming / control options:
• Remote management
• DALI or 1-10V network protocols
• Bi-power

TFLEX BASE is compatible with the Advanced Tunnel System 4 (ATS 4), a smart control solution co-developed by Schréder and Phoenix Contact. This control solution is probably the most powerful on the market. It has been designed to provide auto-commissioning, seemlessly adapt the lighting level according to applicable standards and conditions in the tunnel, to monitor the power consumption and to report any failures.

Control link

Installation and Maintenance

Flexible installation

TFLEX BASE is available with 5 types of mounting:
 An adjustable bracket, available in two sizes, allows the luminaire to be
mounted and adjusted on both walls and ceilings;
 An unpluggable bracket dedicated to ceiling mounting;
 A bracket-free version that enables TFLEX BASE to be fixed with threaded
rods on ceilings;
 A hook fixation designed to fix the luminaire on a cable tray;
 An adjustable bracket compliant with ANSI 3G vibration standard.
This mounting modularity means that TFLEX BASE can meet all types of tunnel geometries.

Easy access for maintenance

Access to TFLEX BASE is tool-free, using a latch. The electrical connection is made via pre-assembled cables and connectors to drastically reduce the installation time and avoid any wiring issues.

Accessories and versions

Threaded rod fixation

Four slots attached to the housing of the luminaire provide the possibility for a threaded rod fixation.

Adjustable bracket

An adjustable bracket is available in two sizes and two types of materials. It enables TFLEX BASE to be positioned and oriented on walls and ceilings to perfectly fit a large type of tunnel.

Unpluggable bracket

This ceiling dedicated bracket allows the luminaire to be oriented before being plugged into its fixation support. The orientation goes from -20° to 20°.

Hook fixation

The hook fixation enables mounting on a cable rack. This fixation can be adjusted according to the size of the cable tray (up to 400m), offering great mounting flexibility.

Adjustable ANSI 3G bracket

The adjustable ANSI 3G bracket allows TFLEX BASE to be mounted and adjusted on ceilings (from -10° to +10°). This bracket ensures a robust and reliable fixation in a high vibration tunnel environment.