Torrelodones Sports Complex

LED floodlights ensure excellent conditions for each sport with lower operating costs

Located just 30km from Madrid, the town of Torrelodones is a popular destination for hiking and cycling. People come from afar to discover the beautiful nature trails such as the Imperial Route and the Castles and Fortresses Route in the protected sanctuary of the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Regional Park.

The local authorities are fervent supporters of a healthy and active lifestyle and invest regularly in the town’s sporting infrastructure to encourage residents and visitors to practice sport and physical activity. 

As part of its drive to promote a healthy community, the town recently upgraded the facilities in the Torrelodones Sports Complex. Located on Plaza de José María Unceta, surrounded by scenic green spaces, this complex includes an indoor and outdoor swimming pools, padel and tennis courts, a football pitch and climbing wall. 

The right lighting adapted to each sport  

As part of the upgrade, the local council replaced the lighting which was deteriorating to ensure that each sporting facility was ensuring safety and high visual comfort for the players and spectators. 

A range of 116 LED floodlights including the INDU FLOOD, INDU BAY, OMNI FLOOD and OMNISTAR were delivered to light the indoor swimming pool, padel courts, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, fronton courts, football pitch and climbing wall. 

They were chosen to deliver the right lighting for each sport in terms of visibility, uniformity, colour temperature and glare



Torrelodones Council


Civil engineering: Gedine
Installation: SICE
LED floodlights
energy savings
colour temperature

Excellent sporting conditions 

With a higher CRI (70) than the old lighting, the floodlights provide a bright, crisp white light (4000K) to enhance the facilities and the visitor experience. They ensure high visual comfort so participants of all ages can relax and fully enjoy their activity. 

Staff are also reaping the advantages of the new lighting as they can now easily see the bottom of the pool and the top of the climbing frame. 

The council are delighted with the quality of the light and the positive feedback that they have received. 

Lower operating costs

The new lighting has also reduced energy consumption by an impressive 60%, significantly cutting the council’s spend to generate savings that they will enjoy for many years to come. 

Thanks to the robust design of the LED floodlights, maintenance operations will be dramatically reduced as well, especially in the difficult to access areas like the swimming pool, cutting considerable amounts of time and money from the maintenance budget. 

We chose Schréder LED lighting solutions as they make sure the lighting levels are adapted to each sport, provide high visual comfort with minimal glare for players and fans and reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

Francisco Saro González
Public Works Engineer - Torrelodones Council

The renovated complex will be a leisure and sporting destination for the region well into the future.