Malmedy city centre

The Kio LED luminaire provides a gentle white light to create a safe and practical city centre for the local community to gather

Malmedy, a vibrant and picturesque city in the province of Liège, is renowned for its festive spirit, folklore and stunning countryside. Over the years, the main square, Place du Châtelet, surrounding St. Pierre Cathedral had started to become a large car park.
The local authorities decided to renovate the city centre to facilitate access for pedestrians, enhance the historic centre and create a convivial public space where people would want to spend time.

Street lighting is of course an important element in the success of such a regeneration plan. The luminaire must harmoniously integrate the landscape by day while ensuring a safe and welcoming environment by night.

The local authorities chose the Kio LED. Its’ simple, fluid and light curves blend perfectly into the city centre, adding an aesthetic touch to the cityscape.
By night, it diffuses a soft white light to create a secure and warm ambiance, so that people can take full advantage of the facilities at all times.
A total of 34 Kio LED were installed in the area ensuring optimal visual comfort with a reduction in operating costs.

As part of the regeneration plan, SCULPline and Trasso floodlights were also installed to illuminate the surrounding buildings.
They draw attention to the architecture of these historic facades, enhancing the nocturnal ambiance and uniqueness of the area.

The new street lights have certainly contributed to the revival of this city centre, much to the delight of its residents.

Place du Châtelet